Norway: Innocence lost

My cousin’s daughter in Norway grieves at the horrific death of her 17 year old cousin at the hands of a madman. He was trying to flee the island by swimming. Words cannot console the family, but they stand strong, united.

When Columbine happened, my young daughter chose to sleep on the floor next to my bed. Three nights she reached up to touch me to make sure I was there to protect her. She has never been the same. Her innocence was forever lost. Strangers are all a danger. People aren’t friends. It takes a long time for her to build up trust.

When 911 happened, a young 2 year old boy sat on  riding toy in the playground. We were alone on 9/12. Not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful day. He turned to me with his precious, innocent face and announced to me, ” did you know there are bad guys out there”? For weeks my little babies played “let’s knock down the towers with an airplane” games. It made my stomach turn.


enchantment in childhood

I just received the most wonderful email from my dear friend, Beth, praying that my new granddaughter experiences enchantment in her life like her daughter had experienced during her years at our school. What a delightful thought and compliment!

It brought a flood of memories of my daughter’s childhood. One evening I wrapped us both up in a sheet and lay on the chaise lounge to watch a lunar eclipse. Another time I awakened her and her cousin at 2 a.m. to go out on our dock to watch a spectacular meteor shower. My most favorite (at this moment) is remembering one moonless summer evening. They had drained most of our lake to repair the dam. It was a two year project and by the second summer the lake had become a meadow! This particular night I had stepped out with the dog and saw the most amazing sight. I quickly went back in to get my daughter, but not before I had turned out all of the house lights. When we went outside we were completely surrounded every direction even up into the trees with millions of fireflies! It was like stepping into a Disney set. It felt magical.

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